Current Beauty Favorites

I have started using almost all new products and thought I would give a list of some of my favorite beauty products!


Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 8.39.03 AM.pngFor foundation I have been using the Diorskin Forever Perfect foundation with SPF 35 in the shade 15. This foundation is matte and medium coverage but can be built up to full coverage fairly easily. It is easily blendable with a beauty blender, but I usually apply it with a Sephora #56 flawless airbrush brush. I was expecting a lot from this foundation and was no let down, it is beautiful with a great amount of coverage, but it does not dry down to be extremely matte and does require a setting powder for a full matte look.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 8.44.29 AM.pngAnd speaking of setting powder…this Laura Mercier translucent powder is the best setting powder I have ever used. It is perfect for the entire face or for setting under eye concealer. There is no flashback and the photos with this powder turn out beautifully every time! It makes my foundation very matte and also is great for baking

!Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 8.47.34 AM.pngThe Tarte Shape Tape concealer is seriously the best concealer in the game right now! The brush of this product is amazing and perfect to conceal the under eyes. I would seriously put this all over my face if the shade matched better, that’s how good it is. Combined with the Laura Mercier powder, this concealer is unstoppable and gives a perfect matte under the eye look.


Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.25.26 AM.pngI bought this mascara when I travelled to London from a Kiko Milano store and I ended up going back to the store the next day to buy another one for backup…that’s how good this is! It’s only $14 but is amazing!! Every time I wear this mascara people ask if I’m wearing fake lashes because it adds so much length and volume! You can purchase it online if you do not have a KIKO store near you or on amazon with amazon prime! Buy 2 just in case.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.28.26 AM.pngI have used the Kat Von D tattoo liner for months now and am still obsessed with it! The tip is perfect for a wing liner look or a simple line across the lid! The only problems I have run into have been putting this over shimmer shadows because it picks up the product a little bit and makes it difficult to fill in, but that could also be because I need a new one. The color is an intense black and it will not smudge all day!


Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.30.57 AMI have become obsessed with the brand Milani because it is cheap but gets the job done well! My favorite so far has been the lipsticks because they are creamy and highly pigmented and also smell really good. They are sold for $5 at Target so you really can’t go wrong with that!

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.31.19 AM.pngThe last product of this review is the Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick in the shade Amulet. This liquid lipstick is $18 from sephora and one of the best I’ve used! The color goes on evenly and it does not show many imperfections in the lips. It is long wearing and does not transfer at all! The formula dries down quickly which is a major plus because I have had a hard time finding a liquid lipstick that dries all the way down. The shade I got also is a little shimmery which I have not seen in a matte liquid lipstick before but the color is beautiful and perfect for a fall look.


Fenty Highlighter Review

As many people know, Rihanna launched a Sephora exclusive brand called Fenty Beauty. The makeup world went crazy when she launched a collection of foundation, contour sticks, highlight stick, highlight duos, lip gloss, blotting powder and blotting papers. I purchased 2 Fenty products from my local JCPenney Sephora both of which are highlighters.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.38.09 AMI purchased this Kilowatt due in the shades Lightning Dust and Fire Crystal and let me tell you this highlighter is AMAZING! I have been looking for a good natural but blinding highlight after using the mac soft and gentle and never being fully satisfied by the intensity of the highlight, but Rihanna has solved my highlighting problems with this creamy and intense highlight. I chose these 2 shades because they matched well with my skin tone the best, but I would love to try more of the duos in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.43.32 AMI was most excited to try the Match Stix Shimmer skinstick in the shade starstruck because I have yet to try a highlight stick, but this did not meet my expectations. The highlight is definitely a beautiful and blinding color, but the cream to power formula is hard to work with. I swiped it onto the cheekbones and there was a very obvious line where the highlight was placed, not a big deal but I was expecting a more blendable product for the price and hype.

The packaging of these are products are gorgeous and look very high end. I want to buy the contour stick just for the purpose of magnetizing the sticks together to create a honeycomb look! Overall, I was very excited about these products and the duo definitely prevailed, but save your money on the match stix and buy a pressed highlighter instead!

Tip of the Day

blenderMy tip of the day is on cleaning a Beauty Blender ┬ásponge or any makeup sponge. I recently discovered this trick because I didn’t want to spend the $16 to buy the Beauty Blender cleaning product. All you need is dish soap and olive oil! Simply mix the 2 ingredients and dip your sponge into it and rinse the mixture out with warm water. I suggest doing this everyday to avoid bacteria build up.