First Review

So I recently went on a drug store makeup binge. I found some AMAZING products and some not so great products.

I’ll start with the good products.

maybellineMaybelline New York’s Master strobing stick illuminating highlighter. I love this highlighter! It blends so well into liquid foundation…I simply swipe it onto my cheekbones and use my Beauty Blender to blend it in! It comes in many beautiful shades, I purchased 100 and 200. One is a golden highlight(200) while the other is a pinky highlight. I usually use this on top of my liquid foundation, and then I use a setting powder and top with another powder highlight.

joltAnother amazing drug store and Maybelline product that I found on my binge was this maybelline color jolt lip paint. I got the shade number 10 which is a very light pink. This goes on like a gloss and is very pigmented. I wasn’t expecting so much color from a drug store lip paint, but I was thoroughly surprised! This lip paint works really well for ombre lips. I line my lips with a vibrant red and pull the color inwards, and then I apply the color jolt into the center of my lips and blend! This color is very bright, so I would stick to wearing it in spring and summer, but it is still an amazing product.

Now to the bad products I found.

matte-liquidYet another Maybelline product, but this one was unfortunately not as amazing as the others. I bought this Vivid Matte Liquid in the shade of “Rebel Red” because I wanted to find a nice red matte color for the holiday season, but this is not the one I was looking for. First off, Maybelline doesn’t seem to understand “matte”. This product was completely shiny and not at all matte, it was more of a gloss than anything else. Secondly, this color was not very pigmented, and it required many coats to even seem red. Not my favorite product of my drug store binge.

covergirlThe final review I have today is of the Covergirl concealer in the shade “fair”. I bought this because I was looking for a good and cheap under eye concealer to hide my bags, but this did not do that. This product is difficult to blend and barely covers anything. The concealer also doesn’t last all day like I would hope. I have only used this for under my eyes, but I doubt it would work for blemishes either.


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